Today we’re going to discuss “POSTURE”

When I was growing up, we heard the words “Sit up straight!! Stand up straight!!” If we didn’t, we were told that we would end up hunched over in pain for the rest of our lives.

What I wish they would have taught us is what happens to us during the process!!


Proper posture benefits us in so many ways including, but not limited to:

Better breathing

Better circulation of blood and lymph

Better muscle balancing

Holding chiropractic adjustments longer

Less aches and pains

Better weight distribution through joints and spine

Better walking gait

More confidence

Better efficiency of energy utilized



One of the main focuses in my office is to make sure you are aware of your posture, whether it’s great, or needs improvement. Now, there are multiple methods to increasing better posture, but one of my favorite methods is to “Increase Muscle Tone.” Many will reply, I work out in the gym, or I exercise 3-5 days a week!! The key isn’t whether or not you “are” working out, the key is “How” you’re working out. If you’re not working out, then what I typically recommend does NOT require a gym membership, only a few items under $50.

By properly developing muscles, not just for strength, but for endurance for the day, all of the benefits we listed earlier will take place. They’re usually benefits we don’t think about, until they’re either lost, or they’re significantly getting better.

Some of the major muscle groups we focus on for better posture are the lower abdominals, upper back, and posterior neck muscles. Each patient will need a different focus; but the key is to get assessed to learn how YOU can become better with your posture and how your posture can make you better too!!

Here are some pics for example for poor vs better posture…



Why is Dr. Shin having so much success with Body Transformations/Weight Loss?

Simple: “Individual” Meal Plans”

Patients ask me every day, “Dr. Shin, I’m eating pretty healthy, organic foods, right?”

It’s as if they’re telling me, but looking for confirmation.

Here’s the short version of the long story:


If we understand that “Food is Fuel”, then we’ll need to figure out what kind of vehicle we have…and of course, I ask a lot of questions to support the tailoring process, such as:

What do you eat now?

How often?

Do you exercise?

What kind of exercise? Weights? Cardio? Both?

How many days a week?

How long is each workout session?

Are you in school? Full time or part time?

What does your job entail?

Are you training for a specific event?

What’s our time frame to prepare you?

Are you looking to lose fat?

Are you trying to build muscle?

Are you looking to be lean?

Are you trying to speed up your metabolism?


We all know that we’re supposed to drink water, eat well, and exercise, but what does that exactly mean? So we’re here to help you break that down to better understand that Food is Fuel and knowing what you’re going to utilize the food for, will help us figure out which food routine is best for you.

Endurance athletes, such as a marathoner, would receive a completely different Individual Meal Plan, as opposed to an Olympic style Weight Lifter. A person looking to lose 40lbs of fat will be educated to eat different than someone looking to gain 10lbs of muscle for an Obstacle Course Race.

Food is Fuel, not only a tongue tasting satisfying experience to fill our tummies, although it can be at times. =)

Remember this phrase:
“If you want the things you look at to change, then you’ll need to change the way you look at things.”

This includes Food.

It’s not very difficult to understand that if we feed our bodies:

Breakfast:      American

Lunch:            Italian

Dinner:           Mexican

Breakfast:      American

Lunch:           Chinese

Dinner:           Indian

Breakfast:       Mexican

Lunch:            Japanese

Dinner:           American

….it may behave a little confused…

If we feed our bodies foods from all over the place differently each day, then our bodies will behave confused. I’m not saying we cannot enjoy different cultural foods, but we can’t expect it to run with high precision, when we’re feeding it different fuel sources every meal.

To keep it simple, we consider 2 basic areas for planning one’s meals: Digestion and Metabolism. Digestion is the body’s ability to digest/absorb foods and to eliminate wastes. Metabolism is the rate of digestion. Metabolism can be sped up with exercise, but foods and the timing of consuming food are the major players in controlling metabolism.

An elite functioning body will perform at its best, when the Fuel provided is healthy, clean, proper proportioned, and consistent. Supplements are utilized on an “as needed” basis. This is one of the major reasons why we are having such tremendous success in our office, and we hope that you contact us so we can help you to reach your goals too!!

God bless!!

Getting Started!!

It’s amazing how many times I’ve heard the phrase: “Goals Change.” This is a very powerful statement!! What I’ve learned from this phrase is that it begins with the word “GOAL”. It means this person started with at least one goal!! It’s okay if goals change, but setting goals is very important. It’s one of the first steps to moving forward. Can you imagine boarding a plane without a destination? Before you know it, time goes by and you’re either still stuck in the same place, or you’re headed to nowhere.

I began training to become healthier about 2 years ago because I realized I am fairly skinny, but I couldn’t run 4 miles if I had to without being severely exhausted. So I “decided” I would begin training to accomplish this goal.

I remember my high school track coach taught me that being able to run 4 miles, 4 days a week, was truly a milestone to becoming an incredible athlete.  Thus, I started with walking 1 mile a day. Within a couple of weeks, this turned into 2 miles. Then all of a sudden, this turned into a slow jog for a little bit, then walk, then jog, then walk. Next thing I know, I have to set my alarm earlier in the morning to allow myself more time to complete my routine, which then escalated to jogging 4 miles, 4 days a week. This process took me a few months to get to, but I got there. He said “Something magical occurs when you’re able to do this consistently.” He’s right!!

Then, a new patient came to my office and mentioned Spartan Racing. Little did she know, and you know who you are =), it would be one of the major turning points in my training life. More of this to come a little later!!

Conclusion: Get Started!! Get cleared from your doctor, seek out professional support for your goals, and get started!! You’ll begin to see things differently, you’ll meet just the right person you were looking for, etc.

The Common Denominators to “BE-ing HEALTHY”

It’s amazing how much we learn over time!! After 15 years of treating patients with symptoms all over the board, I’ve narrowed down the few common denominators to “Be-ing Healthy”. Today, we will discuss the first!!

1. To “Be” “Healthy” requires a healthy mindset. Words are very powerful… and it’s been estimated that we converse with ourselves about 80% of the day. This means what words we choose considerably affect us moment to moment. In reference to health, choose positive statements such as:

“I’m a work in progress!!”    vs    “This is taking too long!!”

“I’m getting stronger!!”        vs    “I’m so weak!!”

“One step at a time!!”          vs    “It’s so far away!!”

“Getting healthy is fun!!”      vs    “Trying to get healthy is too hard”

“It’s a game to win!!”            vs    “It’s a game to Not Lose!!”


These are a few examples I teach patients to repeat because getting healthy, and being healthy is a game!! And the game itself can be very fun!! Sure, it will have some tough moments, just like an NBA basketball Final’s Game, but overcoming the struggles are worth it!! We need the encouragement!! We need the drive!! We need the intensity!! We need the will!! These come from the heart and from the deepest parts of the soul, and it’s from there, we claim victory and make better, healthier choices to have the final result: BE-ing HEALTHY!!

Stay tuned for more common denominators to “Be-ing Healthy!!”

Welcome to My Official Blog!!

When I was first asked to provide a “blog”, I didn’t know how to respond. Social media is not my forte, but I felt compelled to begin. Patients have been asking me for years to write a book, create videos, and so, here we go!! Baby steps with a blog, right?!?! =)